5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

How many times have you fallen sick easily? It’s quite possible that you have a weak immune system that is making you ill again and again. The immune system is a built-in function of our body to defend us from diseases, but it can be weakened by unhealthy lifestyle choices and even age. However, you don’t have to continue feeling this way! There are several habits which can help you get stronger and fight off those easily caught illnesses. Let’s start by getting to know your immune system.

  What is The Immune system?

 In simpler terms, the immune system is your personal army in your body that defends itself from any attacks. Your organs, tissue and cells work together to kill pathogens like viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies that attack the human body and cause diseases and infections. The vast network of cells and tissues are constantly on the lookout for invaders, and once an enemy is spotted, an attack is mounted. 

For example, if you catch a cold during the winter, your immune system will start acting against any presence of foreign bodies inside. It attacks those pathogens and tries to get rid of them. The sickness and fatigue you feel with a cold is a result of your immune system attacking the pathogens. 

When you have a weak immune system, it means that those soldiers inside you are not strong enough to defend your body from a bacterial and viral attack. You will get sick easily from the lack of protection and it will take longer to recover. The immune system is one of the most important systems in our body when it comes to disease prevention, so it is vital that you keep it as strong as possible.

 Factors for a Bad Immune System

The immune system varies from person to person, even your friend might have better immunity than you. The reason for low immunity could be genetic, but the main reason is down to habits or unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at a few of the major immunity weakening reasons: 

  • Stress

Many don’t realize that working under immense stress can affect our health and immune system. Chronic stress can raise cortisol levels of the body, which in turn decreases the production of ‘good’ prostaglandins’, a hormone that supports the immune system to work. Long-term stress can make you prone to health problems like flues, viral and other problem. 

  • Unhealthy diet 

We are what we eat, and a poor health diet can result in a poor immune system. Long-term consumption of sugary drinks, junk food, processed food and food containing an amount of pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals can bring your immune system down.  

  • Excessive alcohol 

Like sugar and preserved food, alcohol, when consumed for a long time, can paralyse the white blood cells and stop them attacking the pathogens. After a prolonged time, the number of colds you experience will increase due to the excessive consumption. As a result, it will increase the overall risk of catching infections easily.

  • Your sleep cycle

If you do not get enough hours of sleep at night, your immune system will not have the time to recover. A poor sleeping pattern is directly associated with lower T-cells in our body which help to fight viruses and bacteria. 

Ways to get over with a weak immune system 

Low immunity can be tough to handle everyday as you are always at risk to falling ill again and again. Take a look at a few ways to help you deal with a weak immune system that you can integrate into your day-to-day life. 

  • Manage your excess stress

As discussed previously, excessive stress is a core reason for decreased immunity. So first thing first, take a look at your daily routines and try to cut down your stress levels. If your work and home life are not going to settle down anytime soon, try alternative ways to relieve stress like performing yoga, meditation, and relaxing exercises. You can also try Chamomile tea for short-term relief from stress.

  • Eat good food

Eating a balanced diet can help boost your immune level easily. A healthy diet consists of plenty of amount of fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, curd, etc. It’s better if you add organic food in your diet to avoid preservatives from your regular food. You should also add immunity-boosting foods into your diet; these foods include Bell pepper, broccoli and ginger.

  • Get enough sleep

When you sleep your hormonal and immune system work on recovering and repairing themselves. It is essential to have a correct sleeping pattern and let your body rest for 7-8 hours to accomplish the amount of rest your body needs. It’s also not healthy to sleep in the day time and be wake during the night.

  • Exercise daily

Investing 30-45 minutes in your daily routine can help you mobilize your T-cells, so head outside for brisk walk or run, or exercise at home. Also, why not try power-yoga and asana, as they are great ways to aid a rapid recovery from lowered immunity levels.

  • Other factors for a better immune system

Your lifestyle and habits can affect your immune system a lot. If you indulge in any unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking, then it would be appropriate to quit. They lower the anti-oxidants in your system and make you prone to diseases. Incorporate green tea into your diet, consume foods rich in vitamin C and avoid excessive antibiotics to tackle your illness. 

Final thoughts

 Prevention is always better than a cure, that’s why it is also better to immune

yourself from catching diseases so easily. Eat a healthy balanced diet, avoiding junk and preserved foods, exercise daily and your immune system will start supporting you and fight the foreign agents inside your body. 

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