A Beginner Guide To Sex Is Handy For Those Lacking In Such Education

Most people wind up having sexual intercourse with others by the time they reach adulthood. To be perfectly honest, many have accomplished this for the first time by the time they are in their later teenage years. Many states do not allow a person to give consent to sex until they are 18, but many individuals still wind up having done something sexual with another person before then.

It’s generally assumed that parents teach their kids about the ‘birds and the bees’ but unfortunately, many do not, or do not do it very well. The slack is sometimes picked up by school systems with personal health and sexual education classes, but the curriculum can be fraught with political discourse, and sometimes these classes are attended after teens are sexually active.

A beginner guide to sex is a handy book or material for kids to have before they hit an age where they might become sexually active. Even if they are considered too young to be having sex, or too immature to handle the concept, kids and teens deserve to know about sex and all that comes with it. While it should be a fun and pleasuring activity between adults and a major component of sexual relationships, it’s also something that can destroy lives. Unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual assaults are all serious matters that everyone should learn about.

When a kid or teen is given a beginner guide to sex, they can learn what they need to about being a responsible sex partner, how the mechanics of it work, and what steps they should take to protect themselves, and possibly even their partner. Safe, respectful, consensual sex should always be the purpose and emphasis of such education.

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