Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Showers Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Showers: What health benefits can possibly happen from showering? Well, it is medically proven that showering is an extremely therapeutic activity and leads to many health benefits when done right. While hot shower is good for full body relaxation after a hectic day, cold shower is the best to start the day in an energetic and lively way. There are several other benefits of opting for a cold shower to kick start the day in the perfect way. 

  • Enhances Skin  

Cold shower does not absorb the natural skin oils leaving it dry rather it allows the skin to breathe. It tightens the pores on the skin and prevents clogging. Cold shower is also the best option for those with acne problem. Most of the health problems get reflected on the skin first and keeping it in good shape is important for a long life. 

  • Keeps Hair in Good Health 

Hair requires constant care and washing hair with hot water can lead to serious damage. Showering in cold water is helpful to keep the hair stronger, shiny and less fuzzy. Most of the hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, fuzziness are caused by a dry scalp and cold shower can help prevent these by making the scalp stronger helping in the growth of hair follicles. 

  • Improves Immunity System 

Cold shower improves blood flow in the body and when the organs are fed enough blood, they are better equipped to fight all kinds of diseases. The body prepares itself well to combat with the common flu or other contagious diseases keeping the person healthy. Cold shower can help in speeding up the process. 

  • Reduces Stress

Showering in cold water is often considered as a mood booster and for all the right reasons. Many researches and studies have time and again proven the positive effects of cold water in lifting up spirits and making the mood overall nicer and relaxing. Cold shower is often recommended to people in highly stressful jobs to keep their energy levels higher and combat with the challenges of the everyday job successfully. It is like a 30-minutes of counseling session with oneself. 

  • Enhances Blood Circulation 

The entire human body functioning is based on the circulation of blood at all times to all the vital organs. Cold shower is a stimulator of blood circulation making sure that every organ gets ample amount of blood keeping them fit for proper body functioning. It also helps in recovering from serious health issues by ensuring faster recovery process and is often recommended by the doctors for many problems. 

There are enough studies already that have successfully shown that cold water or showering in cold water can help in increasing brown fat activities which is good for the body to keep it warmer and can help in reducing weight. Brown fat is a good friend and an essential component to keep the body in shape and cold shower can help in the triggering the activities producing brown fat. 

  • Removes Lethargy and Boosts Mood

Jumping in cold shower pumps up the energy levels and removes sleepy and lethargic feelings instantly. Hence, showering in cold water is a perfect start to the day to enjoy an action packed and productive day. From the moment you step inside the bath, it engulfs you in the positive feelings and releases hormones which are helpful in boosting mood setting the course of the entire day for the person. 

  • Provides Good Recovery After Workouts

For those who practice any sports or start their days with workouts, relieving muscles to save energy for the rest of the day becomes imperative and cold water showering can do just that. It can relax the muscle soreness and provide instant energy to get through the day easily. 

Cold shower helps in lifting the mood and provides an energetic feeling overall. It is also a source of diverting all the mental energy into positive thoughts and stimulates feelings that help the mind think about the good things in life. It awakes you and transitions from any sad or depressing feelings to lively ones within seconds and can be helpful for people recovering from a loss of any kind in life or just wish to start afresh. 

  • Removes Itchiness 

Another very important health benefit of cold shower is avoiding skin itchiness. For those with acne or rash or any kind of itchiness in the body due to excessive dryness, cold showering is the best remedy. It provides the body enough time to process and heal the wound and keeps away unwanted itchiness which can escalate the issue. 

So, something as basic as showering in cold water can keep many diseases and depressing feelings at bay. It has been proven by many studies that people who use cold water for showering are much happier. It builds resilience and helps in focusing on the positives in life. It can also give some adrenaline rush. The feeling after stepping out of a good 25-minutes cold water bath is just priceless and out of the world. Hence, it is highly recommended!

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Mohan is a Junior Associate at Swag Swami, an online E-Commerce portal for fitness and gym motivational T-Shirts in India. He is also an cyclist who spends his free time conquering the climbs of South India on his bike. He practices Yoga and meditation regularly and teaches Yoga at the Cosmopolitan Center in India.

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