Early Pregnancy Symptoms and How To Deal With Them

Finding out you are pregnant can be exciting and frightening all at the same time. Early pregnancy can be a roller coaster. As if your emotions aren’t enough to handle, suddenly, you find yourself with a host of new physical symptoms as well. Great! How much more can a girl take?

While these symptoms can vary from person to person and you never know what you’re going to get, you can bet that you will experience at least some of them; so best be prepared. Learning how to recognize these symptoms and how to deal with them can help ease the transition into pregnancy.


For many women, one of the first signs of pregnancy is this intense feeling of tiredness. For some women, it comes and goes and for others, it is a constant reminder of your newfound condition. There are some simple ways to deal with fatigue and my personal favorite is to accept the fact that you are going to have to nap. Who doesn’t love naps? Even a ten-minute nap can make a huge difference. Although sleep is sometimes hard to get at night, at least try to get extra rest. Go to bed a little earlier and sleep in any chance you get.


One of the worst symptoms to have to deal with is nausea. This comes in varying degrees and can be barely noticeable to severe. Even the thought of food can bring on waves of nausea and for some women, it doesn’t take any thoughts at all, for the feeling never leaves them. Avoiding anything that triggers nausea can help reduce the likelihood of problems.

Eat small amounts of food throughout the day and try to get a little protein into balance blood sugar levels. Sip on carbonated beverages and salty carbohydrates like crackers or chips until you feel like eating more. Many people swear by ginger and gingersnaps certainly helped me. There are also nausea bracelets that work with pressure points on your body. I have friends have had success with them. If your case is severe, there are nausea pills that your doctor can prescribe.


Nausea and food aversions go hand-in-hand. There are certain foods, though, that can trigger a gag reflex or vomiting almost immediately. I have known women that avoid fried chicken like the plague when they are pregnant. The best advice for this problem is…avoid the food. Whatever it is, stay away. Don’t worry, shrimp kabobs will still exist a few months from now.


My husband is a mechanic. The smells of oil and dirt and metal are familiar to me and I actually like them because they make me think of my husband; with one exception. Unfortunately for my poor husband, these particular smells were overwhelming to me when I was pregnant. They would always bring with them a wave of nausea. I am so blessed to have a husband that was willing to work with me to figure out a solution. When he came home from work he would head straight to the shower. Later when he came out smelling fresh and clean, we would have some quality time together. This solution worked perfectly for us. FYI: In case you were wondering about those smelly mechanic’s clothes, he did his own laundry for a few weeks, too.


As much as some foods make you nauseous, there are others that you can’t get enough of. Food cravings are one of the most fun symptoms you have to deal with; finally some fun! I have seen pregnant women drink an entire gallon of orange juice in half an hour. Please, if you see this happening, do not stand between the woman and the juice, it can be dangerous. If your food craving happens to be on the unhealthy side, try to hold back a little. Indulging every once in a while is perfectly fine. Try to eat a balanced diet otherwise and enjoy.


Early pregnancy feels like a line of emojis; happy, sad, laughing, angry, and everything in between that you can’t quite identify. Mood swings can be frustrating. You want to be nice, but grrr… You are happy but it’s just not coming across well. The best fix for this predicament is to explain to your loved ones that you just feel a little crazy and ask them to be patient with you. They will understand. Cut yourself some slack when you suddenly burst into tears and you have no idea why. Your hormones are on overload and will settle down a little after the first trimester.


Have you charted your body temperature and noticed an elevated reading for upwards of 2 weeks?  This indicated a high probability that you’re pregnant.


Sure, a pregnancy bump is something to show off and be proud of but who shows at five weeks?! People shouldn’t notice that you’re pregnant before you even tell anyone. What’s up with that? Ah, early pregnancy bloating! Yeah, it happens. Most of you regular clothes don’t fit and maternity clothes don’t fit yet either. Well, just pull out the workout pants and get comfy. You’re going to be napping on the couch all day anyway, right?


“But we just stopped by the restroom at the last place,” your friend says. Yeah, yeah, that doesn’t change the fact that when you gotta go, you gotta go. With raging hormones invading your body, and your kidneys working overtime, yeah, you gotta go. Accept the fact that you are just going to have to figure lots of extra bathroom breaks into everything that you do. Don’t drink less water, your body actually needs more. It won’t help anyway.


Spotting or light bleeding can be a scary thing in early pregnancy. Don’t worry, lots of women have some spotting in early pregnancy. This is actually pretty normal. About 1 in 4 women experience some early pregnancy bleeding. Regardless, it’s best to call your doctor anyway. They can let you know if it is something to be concerned about or not.

The roller coaster of pregnancy has just begun and already you want to get off the ride. That’s okay, you’d be kind of crazy if you didn’t. What with the fatigue and nausea, the food aversions and the mood swings, and the constant bathroom trips, it’s all enough to drive anyone a little crazy…and this is only the beginning. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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