Excessive Mucus Production? Avoid these Foods to Get Relief

Mucus production in the body can keep us healthy. Airborne particles, bacteria and dust get trapped in the mucus and prevent the particles from entering the lungs. Mucus also acts as a protective and a moisturizing layer to keep critical organs from drying out. But, if you are suffering from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) then, the mucus production is often excessive and can harm the body. 

There is a list of foods which can cause build-up phlegm in the body. One way to help individuals with excessive mucus production is to ward off from the foods which trigger it.  Let’s go through the foods which you can avoid adding to your diet for smooth breathing. 

8 Foods to exclude from your diet to get relief from mucus production:


Intake of milk and milk products increases phlegm production, resulting in more cough, cold and congestion problems. Drinking milk makes the mucus thicker. When infections are more, the mucus becomes thickened and started dripping on the back of the throat.

If you have excess mucus clogging up your nostrils and throat or if you have an earache, headache and vision-related issues contact your healthcare provider immediately. Your doctor will assess the situation and depending upon the condition, your doctor may prescribe decongestants or anti-histamines to ease the symptoms. Buy OTC medicines online from any trusted online medicine site and avail amazing medicine discount on every order your purchase. 


Yes! Yogurt can thicken the mucus, which causes excessive chest and nasal congestion in the body. 


 Intake of tomatoes can sometimes worsen the allergies, which then increases histamine production in the body. 


Banana is highly beneficial for the body. Banana is rich in nutrients such as sugars, potassium, magnesium, pectin and protein. But when you have a cold and flu, eating a banana is not a good option as it can increase the mucus production and upper respiratory tract infection. Instead, substitute your diet with anti-mucus foods to avoid upper respiratory tract infections. 

Coffee and Tea

Yes! If you are already suffering from cold, sipping a cup of coffee with added dairy can increase the production of mucus and phlegm within the body.  Try having black coffee to limit mucus production.  


Like other foods, eggs are a rich source of protein. But, if you are suffering from cough and cold, the intake of an egg is not recommended. It causes excessive mucus build-up and aggregates cough more in asthmatic patients. 

Fried Foods

Fried foods can irritate your throat, make you feel exhausted and can worsen your mucus production. So, to avoid excess mucus production stay away from fried foods, and processed foods such as white bread, pasta, baked foods, junk foods and chips etc. 

Sweet Desserts

Having sweet desserts made with more sugars can exacerbate cough, slows down the healing process and can suppress the immune system. 

Tips to get rid of excess mucus from the body: 

The following are the foods which you can include in your diet to break-up mucus. 

  • Sipping on warm fluids like soups and broth can loosen your build-up mucus. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body. 
  • Including seeds (Pumpkin seeds flaxseeds), nuts (walnuts) and eating fatty fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna and herring have been found to reduce mucus production.  If you cannot have fish, order fish oil supplements from the best online pharmacy in India. 
  • Add spices like garlic, shallots, lemon and watercress in your food. These will help to loosen your mucus and thus helps in cleansing mucus from the body. 
  • Cooking foods with olive oil helps to reduce bronchitis symptoms. The oleocanthal component in olive oil has properties similar to the drug Ibuprofen. So, try adding olive oil in your diet.
  • Steam inhalation can also break your mucus and can reduce chest congestion. 
  • Saltwater gargle can remove excess mucus from the back of your throat.

Foods to include in your diet to reduce mucus: 

Here is the list of a few foods that you can include in your diet to clear mucus, phlegm, and snots. Add these anti-inflammatory foods in your diet to defend virus, bacteria, and other toxins from the body.


It is an age-old mantra, eating a raw onion or drinking onion juice can reduce cough, cold, cures sore throat and helps strengthens your immune system.  This is because of the presence of compound quercetin, which helps in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). Onions are also rich in vitamins, minerals, folate, sulphur, magnesium, potassium, and iron. 


The enzyme bromelain in pineapple have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking pineapple juice with honey, ginger, pepper and salt or eating a slice of pineapple helps to soothe your throat and reduces respiratory diseases. 


Ginger is an easily available ingredient in our kitchen garden. Yes! It is a miracle natural herb which cures chest congestion and other respiratory infections.  Make ginger tea or have a teaspoon ginger powder mixed with honey to reduce mucus accumulation. 


Chewing raw garlic is one of the best natural remedies to cure cough and cold. Garlic is loaded with antioxidants, antiviral, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.  The allicin present in garlic protects you from serious lung infections like cystic fibrosis. 

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds flush your mucus clogs and help you breathe easier. The next time you hit the supermarket store pick a pack of pumpkin seeds and munch on it. It helps decrease your mucus flow and it is a good healthy snack to munch on especially during evening hours. Also, the healthy fats present in pumpkin seeds help to keep your joints healthy. 


Turmeric a wonder spice is widely used to cure chest congestion, removes build-up phlegm, and soothes a sore throat. Prepare turmeric tea or have warm, turmeric milk and get immediate relief from congested chest. 

The body can naturally produce mucus. But, if there is an excessive mucus accumulation, it makes you feel sick. Try not to include the above foods in your diet when you have severe mucus accumulation in your body. Follow the listed natural tips to remove excess mucus from the nose and the back of the throat. 

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