Natural Home Remedies for Dry Skin You Must Know

The type of skin that we have really matters, especially with woman. They give effort in protecting their skin and maintaining its beautiful tone. We do a lot of beauty regimen in order to maintain a glowing skin. There are many ways to treat this problem, but some natural home remedies for dry skin prove to be very effective and they also have given good results as compare to cosmetic products.

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. The question here is what is really a dry skin? What is the cause of it and how can this dry skin be eliminated?

Dry skin is a condition wherein the most superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis is lacking water.  Dry skin maybe experienced by both men and women, most especially old individuals that are very prone to dry skin.

Lack of oil, moisture, water and lubricants can lead to dry skin. The areas that are prone to drying are the legs and arms. Another cause of dry skin is the environmental factor, there are some instances that we can’t prevent dry skin, especially when the climate or the weather varies all the time or when the humidity and the temperature rapidly change.

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Here are some of the natural home remedies for dry skin in order to eliminate or prevent dry skin:

  1. Coconut Oil

 This is the most effective natural remedy to prevent dry skin. The ability of Coconut oil is to fill up the gaps and spaces in the skin cells, which basically the cause of dry skin. The dry skin will occur when the gaps in our skin cells have not received enough liquid nutrients. Another thing that is present in coconut oil is the saturated fatty acids, which also help the skin to hydrate it to have a beautiful and smoother skin. The best part of the body to use coconut oil is around the mouth and underneath the eyes. The good thing about coconut oil is you don’t have to mix it with other substances; coconut oil itself will slowly enter your skin and fight dry skin. It is good for those who are suffering eczema or psoriasis too.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is the usual oil that we use when cooking because it is way healthier than any other oils. In fighting and preventing dry skin, Olive oil is a very effective tool. The reason why olive oil is good, it is because it has a high content of Vitamin E nutrients which helps the skin to fight the sun rays and the strong winds that causes the drying of skin. It has also nutrients or healthy fats, which plays a very amazing role in the skin cells. This healthy fat creates a protective layer on the skin wherein it keeps the moisture of the skin. Keeping the skin moisturized will make sure that dry skin will not occur. Olive oil can be more effective, especially when you mix it with other ingredients such as  sugar, shea butter, honey, salt or  lemon juice. It helps the skin to fight dead cells, and promotes new generations of skin cells.

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  1. Milk Cream

If you don’t want oil, but you have dry skin and you want to prevent or fight it, then milk cream is the ideal ingredient for you. The reason why milk cream is good for fighting dry skin is because it has a high content of lactic acid, which is responsible for exfoliating the skin. Another wonderful thing about milk cream is it also maintains the natural pH level of the skin and the moisture of the skin. Like any other part of the body, skin has a required level of pH value, and, milk cream will help to maintain that in order to fight dry skin.

  1. Honey

Another ingredient, which is obviously used most of the time, because it contains a lot of nutrients that the body needs. It helps balance different enzymes and substance in the body. When it comes to the skin, honey has antibacterial, healing, and probiotic properties. The reason why we have dry skin is that we are exposing in different bacteria and dirt, and using Honey will help to prevent drying of our skin, by spreading anti-bacterial in our skin to fight the dirt and bacteria. Just like coconut oil, honey is also good for those people who have eczema. Honey is perfectly combined with olive oil, for both of them acts really fast in moisturizing the skin.

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  1. Yogurt

Another ingredient that is usually available in your kitchen is yogurt. Yes, surprisingly yogurt is on our list, it is because yogurt has a high content of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant property. Aside from anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property of yogurt, it also has lactic acid, which is responsible for killing and removing germs and bacteria present in the skin.

It is a short method to use yogurt properly as a natural remedy for dry skin:

  1. Put a few amount of fresh yogurts onto your hands, apply it on the part such as legs, arms and most especially to the part that is usually dry, and remember always start in the face.
  2. Leave it for about 10 minutes and take a shower.
  3. Do this remedy once a day.

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