What is Radiesse? Side effects, Treatment and Cost

Many people, especially women, develop wrinkles and lines on their faces as they get older. Usually these lines are deep enough in the skin that even after the person’s laugh is over, the lines of the laugh are still there and visible. Many people, especially women, hate to see these lines and wrinkles on their skin. What can they do to fix this? Enter plastic surgeons with derma fillers. Dermal fillers actually fill in the lines on the skin to where the skin looks younger and rejuvenated.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a synthetic injectable filler that non-surgically reduces wrinkles, creases, and even scars by changing the body’s collagen supply. Radiesse is a filler that is composed of microspheres that are inside of a biocompatible gel. The gel is made from the same minerals that are found in our bones, calcium hydroxyapatite. Therefore, the gel carries absolutely no risk of an allergic reaction and pretty much every person can use it. Radiesse can be used anywhere on the body, however, it is more successful when placed on certain areas. Nasolabial folds, or laugh lines, perioral lines, depressed scars, and oral commissures or the downturned corners of the mouth and the backs of the hands, are the best sports for use of Radiesse.

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Most Radiesse treatments last around 30 minutes. A local anesthetic, specifically lidocaine, is usually used on the injection site and once the filler is injected, which is said to feel almost like a bug bite, results are almost immediate. The filler procedure can be repeated as many times as a person wants to do it. Once the results are apparent, they last around nine months to a year. The results are not permanent, however, so the patient and the plastic surgeon need to be on the same page treatment wise.

Is Age a Factor in Getting a Radiesse Treatment?

The social stigma with many facial plastic surgery treatments are that you have to be over a certain age to even consider having a treatment. Truth is, age is not a determining factor. Some people as young as their 30s can be given Radiesse treatments. For some people, hereditary lines can form earlier than average, which would definitely get younger people in many plastic surgery offices. Radiesse or other derma fillers would then be prescribed to these people and they could see correction in their wrinkles, fine or deep, immediately. Whereas, with older people, the derma fillers also correct the wrinkles immediately. Any person, any age, can benefit from the use of Radiesse. Generally speaking, Radiesse injections can be placed directly above the cheek bones to give a somewhat natural lift.

Injection Sites and Their Procedures

Radiesse traditionally gets injected into a patient’s nasolabial folds (laugh lines), perioral lines, depressed scars, oral commissures (downturned corners of the mouth) and hands. When Radiesse was injected into a patient’s hands, they are instantly filled in the deep wrinkles on the backs of the hands and gave them a younger, more youthful appearance. The derma filler is injected into the back of the hand and the unique get formula almost immediately begins to start stimulating the body to make its own collagen for younger skin everywhere.

When Radiesse is injected into a patient’s’ laugh lines, the needle is injected into the fold on the face, between the cheek and the lips, usually. The folds are filled in with the biocompatible gel and they begin to look more and more youthful. Since swelling and bruising are two of the common side effects with Radiesse injections, most plastic surgeons will recommend that since these injections are going into your face, that you wait a little bit before returning to normal activities or going to big events in which your picture will be taken. This can also be said for Radiesse being administered for oral commissures, or the downturned corners of the mouth. Swelling and bruising would likely occur with these injections as well.

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Cost of Radiesse

Radiesse treatments can be repeated as many times as the patient would like. If the patient decides to get the Radiesse injection in a place that is not a great site for dermal filler, the results will be unsatisfying and they will be short-lived. With this being said, Radiesse can cost between $650 and $800. Since getting Radiesse treatments are a clearly elective procedure, it is pretty safe to say that it is not covered by many insurance plans. Because of this, it is imperative that a patient know the best places to get a derma filler to get the results that they desire but also to save them money so when the results wear off, they can come back for another round of the injections.

Side Effects from Radiesse

As with all procedures, there are always risks for side effects. While they are minimal, swelling and bruising are usually the main side effects from the injection. The swelling and bruising will fade away in a few days. For some people, especially those who are more prone to bruising for longer periods of time than the average, these people may want to wait a couple of days before returning to normal activity. They may also want to carefully consider when they schedule their Radiesse treatment, especially if they have an important event coming up. There could also be pain at the injection site as well.

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Radiesse and Scarring

Radiesse is one of a few derma fillers that dermatologists recommend to use to treat acne scars. The gel formula will be injected into the scarring area and the patient will see almost immediate results. Radiesse is normally used to treat really deep acne scars, as it treats rolling scars better than it does treating boxcar scars. Radiesse can improve the texture of your skin while it is treating the acne scars on the patient’s skin. The Radiesse treatment for acne scars has the same side effects as it does with other treatments – pain at the injection site, swelling and some bruising. Although the results with Radiesse are not permanent by any means, the treatment helps blur the scars for around one to two years.

Get Your Radiesse Treatment Today

Radiesse is one excellent choice for a dermal filler in today’s market. This biocompatible gel is great for improving the look of many different areas of the body and great at reducing the look of acne scars. For more information about Radiesse and how to go about scheduling your first consultation for a Radiesse treatment in Naples, FL, contact Dr. Agarwal, Dr. Maloney, and Dr. Ross at Aesthetic Surgery Center. They can help you figure out if Radiesse is the right derma filler for you! Visit their website at www.aestheticsurgerycenter.com or give them a call at (239) 594-9100 to schedule your appointment today!

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