Slim Down Tips

Here are the most well-known and important 20 Slim Down Tips:

1. Put your goals on paper

If you are guy thinking about slimming down for summer, first thing you should do is it down and put your goals on paper. Having your goals on paper is a sure way of ensuring you stay on track.

2. Have realistic goals

If you want to slim down fast, then craft ways of reaching that goal is to concentrate on realistic goals. Most people have unrealistic goals; losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks, is that even really possible? Have realistic goals and you will be halfway there.

3. Change your lifestyle

One thing about making total body transformation is that it should be a lifestyle. What this in essence means is that you should change the way you eat and your entire approach to life.

4. Healthy living way

When you are seeking to slim down fast, one should do so in a healthy way. You can’t just take a magic pill and your fat magically disappears; if it does then you have a reason to be worried.

5. Stay consistent

The part about it being a lifestyle is that one should not appear buff in summer and flabby in winter; it doesn’t make sense.  Therefore, if you have results after slimming fast, you have an arduous task ahead of you.  You have to ensure that you stay consistent.

6. Follow the prescribed steps

Now comes the hard part. If you are seeking to lose weight fast, then you should ensure you follow the prescribed steps to the letter of the law.

7. Weight training

One thing about losing weight is first getting started on weight training. Weight training is one pillar of weight loss. You should first select a weight that you can lift to up to 15 reps. Weight training is useful in stimulating muscle fibers.

8. Switch to fibers

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, then one should recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscle fibers contract very fast. The beauty about weight training is that you can gain muscle at the same time lose fat.

9. Squats

It has been documented that the big 3 lifts aid tremendously in fat loss. Squats in particular allow one to lose fat in the in the belly area. This is because they work multiple muscle groups. Ergo, when training always incorporate compound weight training exercises in your workouts.

10. Change your program frequently

When you have done slimming down exercises for over 2 months, it is advisable for one to change up the program to shake things up a bit. It will also speed up the fat burning processes.

11. Show off your muscle

After you have done your weight training, you should show off your muscles. This is where shrink wrap effect comes in.

12. Shrink wrap effect

Have you ever wondered how movie stars end up ripped in a short time? If one is required to play a role, they usually have a short time to prepare. The idea of slimming down fast in order to accentuate the muscles applies here. This is what is called the shrink wrap effect. The muscles are wrapped around the skin making them visible.

13. Undergo a series of diet cycle

For one to achieve this, they have to undergo a series of diet cycles and intermittent fasting. After working out for a while, one should incorporate the shrink wrap effect once in a while surprise guys in the gym or at the beach.

14. Get yourself familiar with Adonis index

If you have ever had of the Adonis index, then you are probably familiar with the golden ratio.  The Adonis index is basically a standard by which you can gauge your level of attractiveness based on your appearance.

15. Follow the complete diet plan

It is very important to follow the complete diet plant in order to get a perfect and slim body. It is of no use to make a diet plan and then not following it properly.

16. Get yourself fully prepared

Before you embark on the diet plan for weight loss, you need to be fully prepared. You need to go, have a sit down with your doctor. This will help you in deciding which diet plan to use in order to lose weight.

17. A happy mood

Your happy and positive mood through out the diet plan will help you lose weight. If you keep an optimistic mind from the beginning, you are more likely to stick to the diet plan than if you keep a pessimistic mind set.

18. Choose home cooked food

Choosing home cooked food over fast food is a huge help in the weight loss regime. Even the processed food cause a much greater weight gain than home cooked food.

19. Use fresh fruits and vegetables

Substituting your daily oily meal or fast food takes out with fresh fruits and vegetables will help you lose a lot of weight.

20. Sleep tight

You must sleep for at least eight hours a day. Sleeping for long hours or short hours can be a serious jeopardy to your weight loss endeavor.

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