Ten Killer Ways To Build Your Muscle Mass For The Summer

Building muscle mass is easier said than done but there are ways to make it happen.

This read is going to take a look at the ten best ways to make sure you are walking around leaner, bigger, and fitter than ever before. Keep these in your mind as you head to the gym and notice the change that comes as a result.

1) Focus on Compound Movements

What are your lifts like on a regular basis?

It is important to use compound movements when you are hoping to build muscle mass. The average person just doesn’t do this enough! The idea is to take a look at lifts such as the bench press, squat, and deadlift to get more value for your time.

These movements are known to hit various muscles at the same time, and that is how you are going to get larger in a hurry. You are going to pack in real size with these movements.

2) Start Bulking

While working out in the gym is going to be great and is going to make you feel good, it is not enough to bulk up.

You have to start eating the way you want to look too. You are going to need to eat enough calories to maximize the value of your workouts. However, this doesn’t mean you go on a crazy binge where calories aren’t counted, and you are feasting away.

Yes, that sounds lovely, but it isn’t! You are the one who will have to cut the extra fat, and it will be a waste of time before the summer. Focus on slowly increasing your intake to see how the body responds.

3) Emphasize Bigger Muscles

What muscles are you targeting?

It is easy to start looking at smaller muscles such as the bicep and think these are the ones that need targeting. No, this is a bad idea! You don’t want to go after such small muscles even if they are the “glamour” muscles.

You want to go after the larger muscles because those are going to add size to your frame. These muscles will include the lats, chest, hamstrings, and thighs. This is where your focus has to go and then you can work on the rest of your body over the course of a week by throwing in new exercises.

4) Vary Rep Ranges

Your rep ranges cannot be ignored because you have to get them spot on as soon as you can.

The idea of rep ranges would be how many times you are doing a movement per set before resting. For example, if you are doing the bench press for eight reps per set then it is time to start mixing things up. Aim to go lower and target a heavier weight (with proper form!) at six reps per set.

This is how you are going to push yourself and hit new PRs.

5) Vary Speed of Lifts

Not only should you play around with the rep ranges, but it is also important to look at varying how quickly you lift a weight and complete the movement.

Don’t be afraid to slow the rep down and get more out of each part of a repetition. It can be a game-changer. It will help fire the fibers in your muscle and pack on the muscle as soon as you want.

6) Drink Water

It is important to drink water because this is going to keep the muscles healthy. You cannot live without water, and you certainly cannot undermine the importance of drinking it while working out. Continue to chug on your water bottle throughout the day to keep the muscles clean and fresh.

7) Increase Protein Intake

How much protein are you eating on a daily basis?

The goal should be to eat slightly above your bodyweight to continue to pack on muscle. This is going to give you real growth, and you are going to be able to recover as soon as you want too.

8) Don’t Ignore Bodyweight Workouts

It is easy to go to the gym and think all you have to do is lift a lot of weight.

Yes, it is great to lift heavy, but you can get a lot of value with bodyweight exercises too. These can help target the muscle from different angles such as a pushup, dip, or even a pull-up.

9) Use “PPL” Setup

What type of setup are you going with when it comes to a weekly routine?

IT is best to look at the PPL routine (Push, Pull, Legs) as a split. This means you are going to do push exercises on day 1 (Chest, Triceps, Shoulders), pull exercises on day 2 (Back and Biceps), and leg exercises on day 3.

10) Keep Intensity HighBo

It is very easy to ignore intensity when it comes to building mass, and that is a real issue. The goal should be to Muscle Mass keep your workouts short (40 minutes or so) and look to keep the intensity up.

This is how you are going to generate muscle and get more out of your workout. Being lethargic isn’t going to do it for you.

These are the ways to make the most of your remaining months before the summer rolls around. Going to the gym and eating right is a must and that is how you are going to lay the foundation for increased muscle mass. You will notice the changes as soon as these implementations are made.

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